Pink isn’t that pretty after all

So it’s Breaspink isn't so pretty after allt Cancer Awareness Month and people have very mixed emotions about it.  I happen to enjoy the walks because I get to see the amazing community that we have rooting for us.  It is also a really good reminder that I am lucky as fuck to still be here and have NED.  Other’s aren’t that lucky.  There are unfortunately women and men who are dying for a cure.  The only breast cancer people die from is metastatic breast cancer.  Those who are stage 4 do not appreciate all the pink shit and I understand why.  When women and men are laying in a hospital bed slowly dying of a disease which is incurable, leaving their children, spouses and families behind, all of this is just irrelevant.  I want to reiterate the importance of checking your breasts whether you are male or female.  Note that early detection is great but doesn’t always work.  It’s not known why some people who are diagnosed stage 1 go on to have metastatic breast cancer, where as others who get diagnosed at stage 3 go into remission. All of this is a great mystery and out of respect for those who are dying for a cure, I would like to ask that you donate money, if you choose to donate, to organizations who give money for metastatic breast cancer research.  gives 100% of their profits for metastatic research.  If we can find why so many people go on to have metastatic breast cancer, we can possibly stop it from happening.

All this being said, let me just bring up one more thing.  Don’t be an ignorant asshole and tell me that I got a free boob job. By no means is this a boob job or even close to one.  I have absolutely no breast tissue in my breasts left, so what you are seeing is very thin skin with a mesh that is holding up my implants, a long with a million stitches, so that hopefully my foob doesn’t drop again.  I may make jokes about it, but you don’t have that right to.  It’s my pain and my salvation, that I was able to have this reconstruction done.  My PS did an amazing job and I thank him for it, but these will never feel like my real breasts nor are they.  On that happy or not so pretty pink note, don’t take your health for granted.  Go see your doctors and make sure you are monitored closely.   Without our health, we have nothing.