Grey’s Anatomy

So the end of October, beginning of November has been a blessing and a curse.  October 28th was IMG_1267.jpgmy four year chemoversary. No one ever acknowledges the day.  Everyone’s goes about their day like it’s nothing, but I assure you it’s a day I’ll never forget.  The day was filled with cake and some food that I prepared.  I bought the cake for myself  because no one ever seems to acknowledge my chemoversary.  Why aren’t people in my house as excited as I am?  Why?  My husband seems to think that I should just forget about the fact that I had cancer and go on with my life.  How does one forget that they had cancer when I have to see my oncologist every four months, (which use to be every three months).  I have a BRCA2 mutation which puts me at an increased risk for multiple other cancers.  pink and teal water color ribbon

Halloween was fun.  Fun time doing makeup and dressing up.  I handed candy out to kids. Off course I made my yearly annual Mutant Strong pumpkins.  This was the first time that I actually carved the damn thing instead of actually using glue as usual lol.  My son wIMG_1288.jpgent trick a treating and brought home a nap sack full of candy.   IMG_1364.jpg


Let’s skip to November 2nd.  My 46th Birthday. I didn’t want to do anything to festive because at this point my dad has had two lung biopsies on his lungs.  The family has been so stressed out and on edge.  Back story is, my father smoked for 50 years. Had a heart attack and quit at that point.  It was an absolutely horrible time for our family.  It was a long recovery.  I remember the call 11 years ago in the middle of the night.  My brother called me to inform me that our dad had a heart attack.  I went to wake my husband up.  I shook him so hard that I thought he’d have adult shaken syndrome.  If there is such a thing after all. 

Saturday November 5th. Dad had an appointment with his Dr. I was really anxious at this point.  I was so concerned about what the Dr was going to find.  the dreaded call came from my mom revealing he had lung cancer.  A 2cm squamous cell lung cancer. He has to have a PT scan tomorrow to see if it has spread or if it is contained.  Lung cancer is extremely aggressive.  I’m praying with all I have that it hasn’t spread or in his lymph nodes.  My emotions are all over the place.  I am functioning in a grey cloudy state of mind.  This all seems like a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. How does one ever get over their parent getting diagnosed with lung cancer?

At this point I have completely taken over arranging dad’s appointments. Thanks to my friend April, who has found some of the best doctors for dad to go to, at Sloan Kettering. He has not only had appointments to have scans, but he was also having genetic testing at my request.  When I showed the nurse a copy of my BRCA2 results, her jaw nearly dropped.  The fellow Dr that first came in to talk to dad, just brushed it off.  I was pissed because his main focus was to talk about getting the cancer out, which I here, but still.  Afterwards, HIS Dr came in and one of the first things that came out of her mouth was that she was doing genetic testing on him. His tumor is being tested for over 300 mutations, plus they are running a full HBOC panel on him. Finally!! I have been waiting over four years for him to get tested. His genetic test results will be ready by next week hopefully.

We are now In the end of December.  My father had had his lung cancer removed at the end of November and his pathology came back that the lung cancer is contained.  this is an absolute miracle, because lung cancer is usually diagnosed at a much later stage.  He does not  need any further treatment.  My worst fear was that he needed chemo.  He cannot afford to do chemo with a bad heart. He has a bad heart and bad lungs. Those are two very bad combinations. Today he saw his Dr and she wants to see him in six months.  That’s really great news. This has been a very emotional day for me.  I am so relived but my heart aches for him. This will be a long recovery for him.  He is not exactly a spring chicken.  He is still in pain and is having nerve pain.  Nerve pain can take up to a year to go away.  Let’s hope this isn’t the case for him. Keep swimming keep swimming…



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